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IT Support or Technical Support, often abbreviated to Tech Support is a service that organizations provide to users of Information Technology products or services. Generally IT Support provides help with specific problems with a product or service, distinguishing from training or development of an IT product.
Business can benefit from reduced overheads and enterprise level IT services for a fraction of the cost of in internal team.
An MSP – Managed Service Provider is a company that provides “managed IT Services” the outsourcing of the responsibility for maintaining, and anticipating IT problems.
Augmented IT support provide a remote onsite set of professional IT hands. As well as offer strategic advisory support on major projects and complex IT issues improving and aiding the skill of your management team.
Security monitoring in the IT support domain is one of the most important aspects for a small business. The development and management of active and passive systems that aid in the collection of information on your network as well as analyzing them for specific behavioral/malicious actions can and does save companies thousands in damages that can be caused by third parties.
Yes, Elmas provides 24/7 IT Help desk services, contact us to find out more.
Bespoke services are tailored to an organization individually. The most important factor is that the IT system is working efficiently and IT problems are not preventing you from running your business.
This is the first question and step to establishing a strong IT management system for your organization. Outsourcing your IT Support allows you to have a third party that is accountable and responsible for your IT, giving you an IT division within your organization without the cost.
The first step is to assess the damage, working from backups or other storage of data to account for the overall width and depth of the problem. Secondly we looks at rectification, if data has been removed or storage devices are broken, there are solutions for data recovery and avenues within that which can be pursued. The final step is to implement solutions to avoid this happening in future through the use of onsite/offsite backups as well as cloud storage integrations.
Having a strong IT infrastructure is the definitive factor when transitioning to working from an office to home environment. Our clients can seamlessly flex their time between any location and still be working at their full potential while maintaining the security of the business. We do this through cloud and server services. Contact us to find out more.
Regular updates of a PC are a major player in the overall health and security of the system. This allows for the smooth running of new programs while keeping you protected from any recently discovered vulnerabilities.

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